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About Us

Farm Owners

Charles Mills moved to Ligonier from Rhode Island. He purchased the farm in 2007. The farm is a joint venture with Jennifer Long. Charles had always wanted a farm with horses and chickens. Jennifer had always wanted a farm with horses and lots of activity. They began looking at farms in 2007. They finally settled on a beautiful dairy farm in the Ligonier Valley with plans to convert the dairy farm to an equestrian facility. Dare to Dream Farm is aptly named since they both dared to dream that the farm could be successful. 

Charles Mills is a Fireman, Nurse Anesthetist and Lawyer turned farmer. He manages the farm on a daily basis and is the all around go-to guy. His first degree was in agriculture and the farm is a lifelong dream come true.

Jennifer Long is a Nurse Anesthetist and works in Cumberland, Md. She grew up with horses and has always wanted a horse farm. The Ligonier Equestrian Center is a product of Jennifer's love of horses and her desire to share that experience with other people. Ligonier Equestrian Center is located at Dare to Dream Farm. 

Ligonier Equestrian Center

A new barn manager coming in June 2012...more info to follow!